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Our Story


Our goal is to raise funds for West African Countries in need of educational support by engaging communities to benefit through grassroots fundraising. Funds collected are invested in fostering educational programs and initiatives all over West Africa. For over 7 years, Africa Everything has worked in fostering different youth and young adults programs to help empower our subsequent leaders. We include a spin to our programming by including a travel component to the various areas to be helped for the year for fact finding and introduction of our donors to the areas of need.


Our long-range goal is to foster and empower education and equip our future leaders with the tools to create change and empower growth in their various communities. We are also big on our future participants and creative collaborators visiting the countries we empower through our initiative, which encourages cross-pollination with the countries and the charities and institutions doing the work in the various countries we foster through our projects.

Africa Everything aims to assist disadvantaged West Africans in their quest to obtain a quality, relevant education to ensure they are in a position to become global citizens and a competitive, productive element in the local job market. Education is a fundamental human right and is crucial for the development of individuals and societies. By extending education and improving its quality, people have more chances in life. This has a variety of positive effects in social, family and community terms, especially for girls and women. In regions with significant challenges such as West Africa, education is a fundamental safeguard for the future.




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Education Charity West Africa
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