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Our Projects


Our past, present, and future activities has focused on engaging African youth and young adult intuitions and their communities in opportunities that empower them to see themselves as agents in their present and future success. The empowerment work of our organization has engaged participation by youth and young adults, women, and underprivileged families in African Countries. Currently, we work with youth and young adult intuitions, and those within the communities that support including women, and educators.
We are currently doing work in Nigeria, Liberia,Ghana and Senegal and will target a different West African country yearly.



Africa Everything purchased a sewing machine and supplies for a student in Nigeria to help complete her educational design program.The student has since graduated and has started her own sewing business in Lagos. We continue to stay in contact with her to gauge her progress via the micro grant we were able to award her to help pursue her certification and craft to help her pursue a better future and become a small entrepreneur which helps enrich her family and herself.


A grant was awarded to help in the rebuild of James Stewart School in Gbandela Bong County in Liberia. The infrastructure had been damaged by years of wear and tear needed fixing so to create a safe space for student learning and activities. The project was done in partnership with the James Stewart Family who owns the institution. When we visited the school in early 2018, we were taken aback by the deterioration and poor conditions where the children were still expected to learn. Through our efforts we were able to reach our goal that fixed the school’s ceilings, walls, and windows and repair the classrooms to a condition safe for effective learning and community building.

GHANA 2019

Funds raised will be used to develop and award scholarships and school supplies for particular students in need for 2 different Junior High School, 2  Elementary Schools and Senior High School institutions in Ghana. The Institutions are  Kwahu Obo Presby B School, Diamond State Academy, Tiny Tots and Edinaman Senior High School) in 2 different regions in Ghana. These scholarships were awarded before the start of the new School year 2020.


Africa Everything this Year we will be helping in the fostering a scholarship for youths and young adult involved in the #SenegalBattles program which fosters safe spaces for youth to build their skills through dance and cultural experiences while empowering education. African everything empower those that are in need e to continue their educational process. We want you to be a champion for Senegal as well by giving back.

 GHANA 2021-2022

Africa Everything this Year pivoted it's efforts due to the pandemic to empower our existing partner institutions. We helped in the fostering an infrastructure project, to help in rebuilding of our existing partner schools in the Eastern region & Kumasi while empowering education. African Everything empower those that are in need e to continue their educational process. We want you to be a continued champion for Ghana and foster safe spaces for learning.

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