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Our past, present, and future activities has focused on engaging African youth and young adult intuitions and their communities in opportunities that empower them to see themselves as agents in their present and future success. The empowerment work of our organization has engaged participation by youth and young adults, women, and underprivileged families in African Countries. Currently, we work with youth and young adult intuitions, and those within the communities that support including women, and educators.
We are currently doing work in Nigeria, Liberia,Ghana and Senegal and will target a different West African country yearly.



In 2023, Africa Everything made a transformative impact on the James Town Gbekebii School, one of the most under-resourced schools in the heart of Accra's fishing village. Through our dedication and fundraising efforts, we were able to foster the complete renovation and modernization of the school, providing a safe and inspiring learning environment for hundreds of students.

Here's a closer look at the project's impact:

  • Infrastructure Upgrades: The dilapidated classrooms were revitalized with new paint, improved lighting, and essential repairs to ensure structural stability. Leaky roofs were replaced, creating a comfortable and dry learning space for students.

  • Enhanced Learning Environment: Outdated furniture was replaced with modern desks and chairs, fostering a more conducive atmosphere for focused learning. Educational resources like whiteboards, maps, and charts were also provided, enriching the teaching experience.

  • Community Involvement: Local businesses and volunteers actively participated in the renovation process, fostering a sense of community ownership and pride in the school. This collaboration ensured the project's sustainability and community buy-in.

The impact of this project extends far beyond the physical improvements. By creating a nurturing and stimulating learning environment, we're empowering hundreds of students with the tools and resources they need to succeed. This directly contributes to:

  • Improved academic performance: A conducive learning environment fosters better focus and engagement, leading to improved academic outcomes for students.

  • Reduced dropout rates: By providing a safe and positive learning space, we can help prevent students from dropping out due to unfavorable conditions.

  • Increased access to education: Renovating the school ensures its continued operation, guaranteeing access to quality education for generations to come.

Africa Everything's commitment to empowering education goes beyond this single project. We are actively seeking partnerships and funding to replicate this success in other under-resourced schools, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout communities.

We invite you to join us in making a difference. Your support, in any form, can help us continue transforming lives through education.

Together, we can build a brighter future for the children of James Town and beyond.

#EducationEmpowerment #AfricaEverything #MakingADifference


In 2024, Africa Everything is once again making a transformative impact on a school in Abidjan, this time creating a safer and more inspiring learning space for hundreds of students. Through unwavering dedication and passionate fundraising, we're fostering a complete renovation and modernization of the school. This project promises to not only address structural needs but also cultivate a vibrant and nurturing environment where education can truly flourish. Stay tuned to witness the magic unfold!

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