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Jupiter King

Board Member

Growing up in the diaspora, I've always felt a strong connection to my roots and a desire to make a positive impact. Limited opportunities back home fueled my passion to create them. Initially, I funded a football team in Ghana, aiming to empower youth. However, challenges with referee compensation led me to explore other avenues. Fortunately, I met Aisha, who introduced me to African Education (AE). Their mission resonated deeply, and I joined their efforts immediately.
In my first year with AE, we embarked on a journey across Ghana, distributing books, awarding scholarships, and aiding in school reconstruction. Since then, our reach has expanded significantly. We've raised funds to build schools, provide scholarships and books, and offer various forms of support. This is an incredibly rewarding path, and I'm energized by the prospect of equipping students across the continent with the tools they need to build brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

Jupiter King
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